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Old Girls’ Guild

A sisterhood of extraordinary women

At Clarendon we are extremely proud of the extraordinary women that Our Girls have become. They have gone on to make significant contributions in all walks of life and are testimony to the fact that when girls are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential, they have the power to change the world.

At its core the Old Girls’ Guild strives to keep our Clarendon Alumni connected. It is an inspiring and supportive community that is built upon shared memories and a vision of Clarendon’s future. Through active participation and various fundraising initiatives our old girls continue to have a profound impact on Clarendon.

There are several ways for our old girls to get involved and stay connected with the Clarendon community:

Quarterly newsletters
Clarendon Day assembly
Founders’ Day dinner
Old Girls’ Guild assembly

The Old Girls’ Guild is dedicated to changing the lives of our girls through three monetary awards, which are presented on an annual basis.

Old Girls’ Guild High School Award: This is awarded to a girl who epitomises the Clarendon spirit through all facets of her high school career.

Betty Chew Award: The Betty Chew Memorial Scholarship pays tribute to a long-serving teacher, fondly remembered for her love of the English Language and Hockey. This is awarded to a deserving Grade 8 pupil at Clarendon High School and continues annually to Grade 12, with the proviso that the following criteria are met each year:

  1. Above average skills on the hockey field (at least the A or B team)
  2. Qualities of commitment and perseverance
  3. An appreciation of the English language as an international form of communication

Old Girls’ Guild Primary School Award: This is awarded to a promising Grade 7 girl who has excelled in her primary school career and is about to embark on her journey at Clarendon High School.

To join our sisterhood of extraordinary women, please complete the membership form.

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